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Welcome to Duluth Childbirth Education! 

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Our teaching is informed by our experience--both Jana and Amanda have worked with hundreds of families in every setting, from apartments to campers, from birth centers to hospitals. Our material is informed by evidence-based science, balanced with the full knowledge that birth is more than a medical event. This is a social, cultural and family event that is also spiritual, very personal, and always transformative. We pride ourselves on providing you with information to assist you in choosing your path wisely and intentionally, in alignment with your values. On a more specific level, Jana was a certified Lamaze instructor for many years, and we rely heavily on their approach to education--but our course is a hybrid of what we know works.    


The weekend classes--from 10am to 4pm both days--are sleek and nimble. We have a core outline to cover, but we are heavily influenced by your immediate needs and questions. People arrive with all sorts of history, knowledge, concerns, questions, and our intimate class sizes are by design. We strive to create space that feels safe and warm.

We keep you moving--with quick breaks, or time for back rubs.

Potluck lunches provide hearty refueling both days.

Leave with a handful of resources and a new circle of friends. 


"Normal birth" is defined by the World Health Organization as a birth that is “spontaneous in onset, low-risk at the start of labour and remaining so throughout labour and delivery. The infant is born spontaneously [without help] in the vertex position between 37 and 42 completed weeks of pregnancy. After birth mother and baby are in good condition.”

Lamaze uses these six pillars: 

Let labor begin on its own.

Walk, move around and change positions throughout labor.

Bring a loved one, friend or doula for continuous support.

Avoid interventions that are not medically necessary.

Avoid giving birth on your back and follow your body's urges to push.

Keep mother and baby together — it's best for mother, baby and breastfeeding.

Our understanding of normal and natural birth is embedded in this consensus statement, as published in the Journal of Perinatal Education.



After getting to know one another, we start exploring we know about pregnancy, birth, and recovery--its history, science, and present condition. The mechanics of birth, the stages of labor, and the signposts of labor are next. We'll be watching lots of curated videos, along with learning some anatomy of the pelvis, and the baby's role in birth. If your body is the vehicle, and the baby your passenger, hormones are your gasoline. We'll explore how our bodies and minds are build to keep birth safe and efficient. The emerging science is fascinating.

We review complications, interventions, and variations on normal. While we can't fill you up with all the knowledge you may need, we can be sure you leave knowing how to find reliable information.

    Expect to spend a substantial amount of time on post-partum: breastfeeding, recovery, processing a birth, sleeping, sex, the microbiome, visitors, and internet hygiene for new parents.

    We try to have at least one family come tell their recent birth story. 

    Throughout the class, expect to feel challenged, reassured, curious, and safe.

    We do not assume that your family looks like our families. However you show up works for us. We welcome everyone! 


Classes are held in the Men as Peacemakers space on Superior St., in downtown Duluth. The space is accessible from Superior St., and from the skywalk. Weekend parking is readily available. The space has a kitchen, a large meeting room with not-so-comfortable chairs. Please bring your birth ball, a comfy fold-up, and perhaps a pillow or two to cushion your pregnant fanny. 

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